Tuesday, 16 April 2013

5 steps to identify your choice of buying an iPhone or Andriod Phone

It is safe to mention that automaton and iPhone area unit 2 kings within the castle. each have robust market shares. in keeping with the findings of Wireless Smartphone ways (WSS), automaton and iOS had captured a record ninety two % share of world smartphone shipments in this autumn 2012. This statistics makes one factor terribly clear that almost all folks area unit shopping for either automaton high-powered sensible phones or iOS high-powered iPhone.

But folks area unit confused between shopping for automaton and iPhone. it's troublesome for them to create up their minds for one and leave different. it's not a straightforward task. each phones provide lots of nice options. however if you look closely, there area unit forever some key variations. this text could be a manual for those users WHO area unit confused between shopping for automaton and iPhone. Here area unit the five straightforward variations that assist you opt for whether or not Associate in Nursing automaton or iPhone is best for you:

The hardware comparison

The hardware is that the 1st and foremost factor in any device. After all, each OS performs higher attributable to higher hardware. each iPhone is formed by Apple. It provides the corporate a decent management over the standard and avoids the possibilities of any form of fragmentation. On the opposite hand, Google's automaton is Associate in Nursing open supply OS and might be utilized by any mobile device manufacturer. Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola area unit the key makers of automaton high-powered smartphones. automaton phones vary in size, weight, display, features, user expertise and quality.

Many users complain that automaton devices of specific manufacturers overheat. Some models merely run automaton OS on quality hardware that affects performance and productivity. These phones will hardly support all automaton apps. solely high-end automaton devices support all kinds of applications.

When you obtain Apple's iPhone, the corporate offers restricted selections like five, 4S and 4. Apple devices don't allow you to expertise inconsistency of quality, however that does not mean there's no hardware issue in iPhone. iPhones too have hardware problems, significantly the iPhone four antenna issues.

OS update comparison

You have no alternative however to shop for iPhone if you would like a smartphone with updated OS. Apple is that the solely company that manufactures iPhone and uses iOS mobile software package. it\'s full management over the OS update that adds latest and greatest options to iPhone. As shortly as Apple sends Associate in Nursing OS update, users round the world area unit able to transfer it on their iPhones. On the opposite hand, automaton phone manufacturers area unit terribly slow concerning change the OS version and generally don't give update in the slightest degree. Some users additionally complain that their sensible phones with older automaton OS don't support all kinds of apps. If you continue to need to shop for Associate in Nursing automaton sensible phone, make certain you purchase the branded one.

Application comparison

Both platforms currently have equal quantity of apps (about 775,000 for iPhone and concerning 700,000 for Android). however huge numbers don't create a way. What is sensible is that the quality of apps. Apple is legendary for maintaining prime quality standards for iPhone apps and need iPhone developers to designed apps adhering to those standards. solely the simplest and safe apps area unit approved and created offered to users, whereas Google's standards for automaton application development area unit fairly a lot of lax. there's no restriction whether or not developers create high-quality apps or quality apps. All area unit printed and created offered to user.

Gaming app comparison

Mobile games area unit currently dominating all sorts of video recreation. Most credit goes to iPhone. This smartphone accelerated the trend of mobile game development. it's tens of thousands of nice games. Leading mobile game platforms like Nintendo and Sony seem to be eclipsed attributable to iPhone. automaton too is sort of fashionable for game. a lot of and a lot of leading game developers have currently begun to launch the iOS and automaton versions of their world-famous laptop and video games. each devices provide nice graphics and hardware supports. Most game developers build a game 1st for iPhone then automaton. So, you will need to watch for your favorite game if you purchase Associate in Nursing automaton sensible phone.

Battery life comparison

The battery lifetime of automaton phones varies from device to device. automaton devices with 4-inch or larger screen drains a lot of battery. However, some automaton devices will work eight hours straight with no need a charge. As so much as iPhone is bothered, the new iPhone will go days with no need a charge. Still, the battery life principally depends on however you employ your smartphone.

Other things which will form your call embrace the scale of screen, carrier, storage and price. however they're not as vital because the pointers mentioned on top of.

By Denis Richard