Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Major investment in Skyera announces by Western Digital

Western Digital has been manufacturing laborious drives for variety of years and is one in all the foremost fashionable corporations within the market. because the disc drive market declines, the SSD market is growing. laborious drives use spinning magnetic platters to store massive quantities of information, however have slower knowledge access speeds.

On the opposite hand, the SSD uses in no time flash storage letting improbably fast access speeds, however the everyday SSD has low storage capability. SSDs additionally tend to be terribly overpriced. Western Digital has declared that it's created a major investment in an exceedingly solid-state storage company known as Skyera.

Western Digital has declared that it's participated in Skyera’s recently declared Series B spherical of finance. Western Digital Capital co-invested within the $51 million spherical of funding as associate degree extension of the strategic relationship between the 2 corporations. Western Digital had antecedently endowed cash with Skyera as associate degree initial outside capitalist.

Skyera corporate executive Radoslav Danilak says that the new spherical of investment backed by Western Digital can facilitate the corporate to expand its business across promoting, sales, and engineering. Skyera produces a line of enterprise solid-state storage systems within the skyHawk product series.

The company’s of solid-state storage systems have what Western Digital calls associate degree business breakthrough worth purpose of beneath 3 greenbacks per G. The low worth of the systems permits the most recent generation 19/20nm solid-state technology to be used as an immediate replacement for ancient enterprise disc drive systems.