Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Are Facebook Home using Android Platform Prove Better Than the iPhone?

The Home is that the latest golem application development by Facebook. This application will integrate the social network deep into golem high-powered smartphones. but Facebook already has its app for golem and integration with iPhone, however it's not as important because the Home. the house will modify numerous things like the lock screen, core electronic messaging expertise associate degreed even the complete look and feel of an golem device. it should conjointly modify people's interest in iPhone and switch them to shop for golem high-powered smartphones.

Android's openness attracts everybody, even the hardcore competitors of Google. The computer programme large doesn't mind either you modify Android's original code or build a software system to vary its look. After all, the core software system continues to be the golem OS.

Facebook is additionally making an attempt to try and do one thing similar like Amazon. First, it's launching the primary ever Facebook phone HTC First™. Second, it's launching the house application for golem high-powered devices. Facebook says that the house is 'the Family of apps that puts your friends at the guts of your phone'. This software system will create a tool even friendlier for an influence user of the social web site. It provides associate degree simple covering each feed from your friends. Latest posts will be checked simply during a look. It offers tens of alternative options.
But one massive question is why Facebook is launching such unimaginable app for golem users, not for iPhone users. will it understand golem because the initial alternative even for competitors? Facebook proved  it by saying the house just for golem. The openness of Google's mobile OS is its biggest strength and it beats iOS moreover. The openness lets any phone manufacturer use this OS, modify it consistent with their hardware surroundings and take away and add options. that is why the house are going to be out there on most of the golem devices, in spite of their brands. It lets social media company reach additional users. Facebook cannot create it happen if it chooses iPhone for this sort of app.

iPhone doesn't provide freedom to change its core software system. there's no thanks to do therefore. And if you actually need to try and do this, you wish to breakout your iPhone, which can conjointly result the tip of the contract between Apple and also the device owner. As way as Facebook's integration with iOS six is concern, it's simply associate degree app like others in iPhone. On the opposite hand, not solely Facebook however any developer will modify numerous things in golem, while not the necessity of routing a tool.

For example, developers will build associate degree app to fully replace golem keyboard, whereas it's impractical on iPhone. therefore there square measure numerous places wherever Google's mobile OS provides developers total freedom for no matter they need to try and do, however there's no place wherever iOS provides such freedom. If you would like to create mobile apps for iOS, you wish to stick to rules that square measure strict enough for a corporation like Facebook. Maybe, this has created the social media large showing additional interest in golem than iPhone.

By Denis Richard